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The Untold Stories of Valhalla Project is a not for profit committee formed for the sole purpose of providing a best-selling book, and to serve as a mechanism to support the families of fallen heroes.  This Committee of warriors gives first-hand accounts of key battles, firefights, and medevacs, explaining some of the most heroic acts in combat over the past 15 years.

Each chapter will be authored by an operator who was very close to the fallen hero, one who witnessed him in combat on several occasions, and typically on the battlefield with him the day the hero paid the ultimate sacrifice.  After numerous combat experiences have been explained, the chapter will move into stories from the hero’s family, and how they remember their loved one.

The closing chapter of this book will explain how men have honored these heroes, as well as stories of men that struggle with the realities of Post Traumatic Stress from these events.  The book will have 15-20 chapters, each with a different author.  These men predominately all come from the United States Marine Corps and Naval ranks, and are categorized in the Marine Raider and Reconnaissance Communities.

Throughout the process of building this book, lives will be touched, and connections will be made throughout the most demanding professions within the United States Marine Corps.  These relationships will continue to grow and strengthen as this book becomes a common name within every home of past, present, and future Operators within these communities.

The Untold Stories of Valhalla Volume I will provide the platform for subsequent editions and shall serve as a conduit to provide programs, services and financial assistance for the surviving family members of the heroes depicted in the book.

Brothers In Arms Foundation and Recon & Sniper Foundation have joined forces to promote The Untold Stories of Valhalla Volume I.  This book project is a 100% charitable initiative.

By contributing to this effort, you are helping forge a piece of U.S. Military history.  It is the intention of the creator to equally distribute the proceeds from book sales (and donations) to surviving Gold Star Family Members in the form/s of:

  • Quality of life initiatives for surviving spouses and children
  • Grief counseling
  • Educational and vocational scholarships
  • Assistance with cost of living expenses for families suffering from economical hardships
  • Travel expenses associated with annual travel to/from memorial sites/ceremonies such as Arlington National Cemetery


To make a contribution to this effort, please click on the donate button below.  Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

For further inquiries, please email, or call us today

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